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  • From £5.99

    API Stress Zyme

    From £5.99

    API Stress Zyme adds live bacteria to the aquarium to help break down and consume organic waste matter, keeping the aquarium clean and healthy.


    Available in 3 sizes:

     118ml Treats up to 870 Litres

     237ml Treats up to 1,779 Litres

    473m Treats up to 3,558 Litres

  • £4.99

    NT Labs Algae Gone


    NT Labs Algae Gone is a single dose plant friendly treatment that clears green or cloudy water in the aquarium.

    Treats 500 L / 110 Gals

  • £4.99

    NT Labs Sludge Gone


    NT Labs Sludge Gone breaks down the organic material in sludge, creating a cleaner aquarium and reducing risk of disease and excess algae growth.

    Treats 500 L / 110 Gals

  • From £7.99

    Seachem Clarity – Clear Cloudy Water Fast

    From £7.99

    Seachem Clarity is the ultimate clarifier of cloudy water for both fresh and saltwater; and will clear all types of water clouding.