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  • £18.99

    30cm Goldfish Bowl


    Glass Goldfish Bowl, 3ocm

  • £1.95

    Algarde 2 Way Gang Valve For 6mm Airline


    The Algarde 2 Way Gang Valve is used to feed off airline tubes to multiple air stones or other air-powered devices.

  • £7.19

    Algarde Air Powered Aquarium Cleaner


    The Algarde Aquarium Cleaner is an air powered vacuum cleaner for aquarium substrates.

  • £1.65

    Algarde Airline Clips & Suction Cups


    Pack of 3 suction cups and clips to hold airline in place in the aquarium.

  • £1.95

    Algarde Airline Connectors For 6mm Airline


    Algarde Airline Connectors are designed to join airline together and to help keep your aquarium setup neat and tidy.

  • £6.99

    Algarde Algae Magnet Extra Large


    The Algarde Algae Magnet is Suitable for algae removal on all glass aquariums.

  • £3.59

    Algarde Aquarium Scraper and Planter


    The Algarde Aquarium Scraper and Planter is designed to scrape algae from the walls of the fish tank.

  • £4.99

    Algarde Bella Palm 10″


    Silk leaf plant bella palm 10″

    Make your aquarium a more attractive home for your fish, now available at !

  • £1.95

    Algarde Extension Valves for 6mm Airline


    Algarde Extension Valves are used in conjunction with a starter valve to regulate the air output from the air pump through multiple outlets.