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  • £25.00

    New Life Spectrum Cichlid Formula – 500g


    New Life Spectrum Cichlid Formula is a balanced daily diet for all cichlids and the 1mm sinking micro-granules are suitable for all small and medium fish.


    500g Pack

  • £4.49

    Marina Clearview Background Adehsive


    Marina Clearview Background Adhesive is a revolutionary image-enhancing solution that seals aquarium backgrounds to tanks.

  • From £4.99

    Waterlife Myxazin – Fin Rot & Ulcers

    From £4.99

    Waterlife Myxazin is a 5 day treatment for fin rot, body rot, ulcers, cloudy eyes, pop eye, raised veins, ‘redness’ and other symptoms of bacterial infection. It can also be used when adding new fish to the aquarium to reduce the risk of disease.


    Active Ingredients

    • Malachite Green
    • Acriflavine Hydrochloride


    Available in 2 sizes

    • 100ml treats upto 200 liters
    • 250ml treats up to 500 liters
  • £4.99

    NT Labs Filter Starter


    NT Labs Filter Starter is a live culture of good bacteria, used to kick start new aquarium filters and as a top up during water changes or after disease treatment.

    Treats 500 L / 110 Gals

  • £8.99

    Tetra 6 in 1 Aquarium Test Strips


    Pack of 25 test strips for testing 6 main water parameters for tropical fish

  • £6.99

    DD Mag Scraper – Replacement Blades


    2x Replacement Blade to fit both the Large and Extra Large DD Mag Scraper

  • From £36.99

    DD Mag-Scraper

    From £36.99

    The DD Mag-Scraper is a high quality professional grade magnetic glass cleaner.

    The Magnet is available in 2 sizes, please select you preferred size below

  • £10.99

    Hobby Klingen-Magnet Small


    The Klingen- Magnet is an extra strong, bladed algae magnet that easily removes algae from aquarium glass leaving no traces behind.

  • From £3.79

    Fluval Cycle – Biological Enhancer

    From £3.79

    Fluval Cycle is a biological aquarium supplement that removes ammonia and nitrites, and enhances aquarium water with a team of beneficial bacteria, helping to provide a safe habitat for your fish.