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  • £0.79

    Betta 1″ Airstone


    Basic 1″ barrel shaped airstone.

  • £1.49

    Betta 4″ Airstone


    Basic 4″ airstone

  • £1.49

    Juwel Super Compact Filter Wool


    The JUWEL Bio pad catches coarse particles of dirt in the water, thereby serving as a mechanical pre-filter.


    This size is to fit the Juwel Bioflow Super filter system and contains 5 sponges.


  • £1.50

    BiOrb Replacement Airstone


    Replacement air stone for all BiOrb Aquariums.

  • £1.55

    Algarde Starter Valve For 6mm Airline


    The Algarde Starter Valve is used to regulate the flow of air from an air pump to air stones or other air driven products in the aquarium.

  • £1.65

    Algarde Airline Clips & Suction Cups


    Pack of 3 suction cups and clips to hold airline in place in the aquarium.

  • From £1.75

    API Stress Coat

    From £1.75

    API Stress Coat removes chlorine to make tap water safe for fish; also contains Aloe Vera which promotes healing and reduces fish stress.


    Available in 2 sizes:

    30ml Treats up to 227 Litres

    118ml Treats up to 893 Litres

  • From £1.80

    Betta Clear Silicon Airline

    From £1.80

    Basic clear silicon airline, 6mm in diameter, avalible in 3 or 6m lengths.


  • £1.89

    Betta 6″ Airstone


    Basic 6″ airstone