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  • From £6.50

    Bermuda Blanket Weed

    From £6.50

    Bermuda Blanket Weed is a 100% fish, plant and wildlife safe pond additive for combating Blanket weed infestations.


    Available in 2 sizes: 400g, 800g

  • From £6.99

    Bermuda Greenwater Treatment

    From £6.99

    Bermuda Greenwater Treatment rapidly clears green ponds to leave them crystal clear.


    Available in 3 sizes: 250ml, 500ml, 1L

  • £18.99

    Bermuda Pond Tonic Salt 2Kg


    Bermuda Pond Salt is a general tonic salt for use in ponds.

    2Kg bag treats up to 2,000 liters

  • £10.99

    Bermuda Sludge Bomb – For Clear Pond Water


    The Bermuda Sludge Bomb helps to achieve crystal clear water and digest sludge in ponds and water features.


    Treats up to 20,000 litres.

  • From £9.95

    Evolution Aqua Pure Pond

    From £9.95

    Pure Pond Balls are biodegradable balls of live bacteria that help to keep your pond clear and healthy.

    They are available in 2 sizes:

    • 500ml for ponds up to 10,000 liters
    • 1000ml for ponds up to 20,000 liters
  • £13.95

    Evolution Aqua Pure Pond Bomb


    Evolution Aqua Pure Pond Bomb is a concentration version of the Pure Pond Balls, it is ideal for use in systems that do not have a conventional filter system.

    Pure Pond Bomb contains Millions of bacteria which help maintain the heath and clarity of your pond.

  • £9.99

    Nt Labs Koi Calm 30ml


    Nt Labs Koi Calm is a mild sedative that reduces fish stress during treatment, moving or inspection.