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  • £4.00

    Replacement Air Inlet Micro Tap


    Replacement air inlet tap to fit most Deltec Protein Skimmers and Reactors.

  • £65.00

    Replacement DCS600 Stator/Motor Block


    Replacement Stator for the Deltec DCS600 Pump.

  • £15.00

    Replacement Degassing Plate


    Replacement Water Return and Degassing plate to fit Deltec protein skimmers.

  • £2.00

    Replacement Knurled Head Screw


    Replacement Red Knurled head screw for use in Deltec Skimmers.

  • £3.50

    Replacement Strainer


    Replacement strainer for the intake pipe of the Deltec Mce300 and Mce600 model protein skimmers.