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  • £5.39

    DD TDS Calibration Solution.


    For optimal performance TDS meters should be periodically re-calibrated. The DD Calibration Fluid can be used for both in-line TDS and dip TDS meters.

  • £9.99

    DD DC300 Cooler – Replacement Hosetails


    Replacement hosetails to fit the DD DC300 Chiller.

  • £6.99

    Hobby Klingen-Magnet Jumbo – Replacement Blades


    Pack of 4 replacement blades to fit the Hobby Klingen-Magnet Jumbo

  • £59.99

    RO Unit – Booster Pump


    The RO Booster Pump is suitable for any brand of RO Unit . The booster pump negates the affect temperature and water supply pressure have on the RO Unit allowing a significant increase in the volume of water from your unit while also increasing the water quality.

  • £649.00

    Red Sea Reefer 170 – White


    Red Sea’s REEFER™ series combines a contemporary, rimless, ultra-clear glass aquarium with a stylish cabinet and a comprehensive water management system, including a professional sump with integrated automatic top-up, and Red Sea’s unique silent down-flow system.


    The REEFER 170 has dimensions of 24.5″ x  20″ x 20″ and a total system volume of 165 liters.


  • £18.19

    Seachem Reef Calcium – 500ml


    Seachem Reef Calcium is a concentrated bioavailable polygluconate complexed calcium intended to maintain calcium in the reef aquarium without altering pH.

  • £34.99

    Salifert Flatworm Exit


    Although flatworms are small they can quickly become a nightmare in any aquarium, eating corals and multiplying fast; Salifert Flatworm Exit  is the best known treatment to eradicate this pest.

  • £11.00

    Replacement Suction Pipe I


    Replacement Suction Pipe I to fit Deltec Mce300 Protein Skimmer.

  • £2,949.99

    Deltec Internal Skimmer SC4080


    The Deltec SC series protien skimmers are one of the most efficient and effective skimmers on the market. Deltec were the first company to use pin wheel technology in their skimmer pumps, making deltec skimmers the best performing units on the market.

    Suitable for aquariums up to 9000 litres.


    Due to the size of these items they are not kept in stock but are available to order.