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  • £4.40

    D-D Aquascape Construction Epoxy – Coralline Algae Colour


    D-D Aquascape Construction Epoxy is designed specifically for bonding rocks and corals in a reef aquarium and cures underwater to the colour of coralline algae.

  • Deltec Replacement Sponge Set pf501

    Deltec Replacement Sponge Set PF501

  • TMC Coral Sand
    From £4.99

    TMC Coral Sand

    From £4.99

    This specially graded marine sand is guaranteed to contain a high percentage of algal oolites. The algal oolites are highly porous and provide a perfect habitat for de-nitrifying bacteria.

  • £4.99

    Salifert pH Profi-Test Kit


    The Salifert pH test kit is sufficiently accurate to monitor  pH fluctuations of approx 0.2 pH units.


    Approx. 50 tests per kit. Range pH 7.4 – 8.6.

  • £4.99

    DD FMR-75 Reactor – Sponge Set


    Replacement Sponge set for the D-D H2Ocean Fluidised Reactor FMR-75

  • £4.99

    Ocean Nutrition Formula One Flakes 34g


    Ocean Nutrition Formula One Flakes are a highly attractive staple food for omnivorous and carnivorous marine fish.


    Recommended for use with:

    Marine Angelfish, Butterflyfish, Anthiases, Basslets, Cardinalfish, Clowns, Damsels, Chromis,Gobies, Blennies, etc. Also great for small Crabs and Shrimps.

  • £5.00

    Replacement Outlet Pipe – Mce300


    Replacement Outlet Pipe for the Deltec Mce300 protein Skimmer.

  • £5.35

    Seachem Stability 50ml


    Seachem Stability contains a synergistic blend of aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative bacteria which facilitate the breakdown of waste organics, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, thus preventing new tank syndrome.


  • £5.39

    DD TDS Calibration Solution.


    For optimal performance TDS meters should be periodically re-calibrated. The DD Calibration Fluid can be used for both in-line TDS and dip TDS meters.