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  • £11.95

    Seachem Garlic Guard – 250ml


    Seachem GarlicGuard is an appetite and flavor enhancer for freshwater and saltwater fish.

  • £64.99

    All Pond Solutions 18w UV Sterilizer


    The All Pond Solutions 18w UV Light Steriliser can be used in ponds and both marine and freshwater aquariums to help keep water crystal clear


    Suitable for ponds up to 12,000 liters or Aquariums up to 340 liters.

  • £65.00

    Replacement DCS600 Stator/Motor Block


    Replacement Stator for the Deltec DCS600 Pump.

  • £15.99

    Hobby Klingen-Magnet Jumbo


    The Klingen- Magnet is an extra strong, bladed algae magnet that easily removes algae from aquarium glass leaving no traces behind.

  • £3.49

    RO Unit Garden Tap Connector


    The Garden tap connector is designed as an alternative to the self piercing tap that is included in the RO kit; it allows the D-D RO Unit to connect to an outside garden tap fitting and some washing machine taps.

  • £60.95

    Ecosystem Miracle Mud – Saltwater 10lb (4.4kg)


    Miracle Mud is the original refugium mud substrate developed by Leng Sy in late 1989.


    This special substrate has two main functions:

    (1) it is an advanced filter medium that also acts as a denitrifying filter

    (2) it enriches the water with trace elements and other vital substances.

  • £12.69

    Seachem Reef Buffer – 250g


    Seachem Reef Buffer is intended primarily for use as a buffer in a reef system where the maintenance of a pH of 8.3 is often difficult; however it will also raise carbonate alkalinity. When pH is not an issue, Reef Builder or Reef Carbonate should be your first choice for a carbonate alkalinity supplement.

  • £169.99

    Jecod/Jebao DCT-15000 Pump


    Jebao’s DCT range of pumps are designed to be high performance and super quiet, while still saving up to 50% on energy.


    The DCT-15000 has a maximum flow rate of up to 15,000 litres/hour – adjustable from 4,750 – 12,000 litres per hour in 10 steps.

  • £15.00

    Replacement Air Inlet Adapter – Mce300


    Replacement air inlet adapter for the Deltec Mce300 protein Skimmer.