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  • £89.99

    D-D 75 Gallon RO Unit


    The D-D 75 Gallon RO Unit is a 3 stage 75 gallon a day reverse osmosis unit with all connections for installation.


    All D-D RO Units come complete with the following:

    • Flow restrictor with integral membrane flushing valve.
    • Self-piercing tap connector.
    • 2m of 1/4″ RO tubing in white, blue and orange.
    • Saddle valve for the waste pipe return.
    • Filter Spanner.
    • Full instructions.
  • £2.49

    DD FMR-75 Reactor – Non Return Valve


    Replacement non-return valve for the D-D H2Ocean Fluidised Reactor FMR-75.

  • £21.19

    Seachem Reef Plus 500ml


    Seachem Reef Plus is a full spectrum reef supplement containing trace elements, vitamins, and amino acids demonstrated to have a positive impact on the growth of corals and other desirable reef creatures.

  • £12.00

    Replacement Lid – Mce300


    Replacement Lid to fit the Deltec Mce300 Protein Skimmer Body.

  • £14.99

    Replacement 10″ White Filter Pod


    Replacement 10″ White filter pod housing and lid, to fit all DD RO Units


  • Deltec PF1001 Calcium Reactor

    Deltec Calcium Reactor PF1001


    The PF1001 is the largest of the standard models in the Deltec range of fluidised calcium reactors.


    This item is not normally kept in stock but can be ordered in within 5-7 days.

  • £319.99

    Deltec NFP509 Nitrate Filter


    Deltec NFP Nitrate Filters are a simple and efficient way of reducing the nitrate level in your aquarium.

  • £5.35

    Seachem Stability 50ml


    Seachem Stability contains a synergistic blend of aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative bacteria which facilitate the breakdown of waste organics, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, thus preventing new tank syndrome.


  • £17.39

    Seachem Reef Advantage Calcium – 500g


    Seachem Reef Advantage Calcium is a non-caustic (pH 8.3–8.6) optimized blend of ionic calcium designed to restore and maintain calcium to levels found in natural seawater. Calcium and carbonates are essential to all coral growth.